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MICR Check Printers from Advantage Laser Products

Advantage Laser Products has all of your checking printing supplies covered, including high-quality MICR check printers and MICR printer accessories, such as paper trays and USB cables.

Each of the MICR printers below is a brand new HP LaserJet printer with a new, Advantage-modified MICR toner cartridge. We remove the original toner from the HP cartridge included with the printer, and we then replace it with Advantage MICR toner. In the end, you receive a new HP toner cartridge with Advantage MICR toner inside. Please note we only ship printers within the continental U.S., and we do not ship printers to Canada, Puerto Rico or any other international destination.

Have a question about our MICR check printers? Please contact us today at 800-722-2804. Placing an order for the first time? Please fill out our new account form.

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